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It's no secret that hiring the right person will affect not only your bottom line, but also your ability to retain talent critical to your business success.

We often hear that individuals are hired for their hard skills and then fired for their lack of soft skills. That's why we spend a lot of time up front to capture the uniqueness of your company and culture so we can find the right person who is a contributor with proven accomplishments and who will be the right fit.

Our premise is conducting a quick search at a reasonable fee ensuring that all compliance requirements are met . Of course, we'll provide continuous communication with all stakeholders throughout the process.

Your time will be spent meeting only with vetted, final candidates - candidates who have been thoroughly screened and interviewed for skills, accomplishments and fit.

Once you select the final candidate, we will conduct reference and background checks.

As part of our service, we follow-up with you and with the new hire periodically for the first 90 days to ensure that the on-boarding process is moving smoothly.

Whether you've been out of the market for a period of time or you just feel that it's time to update your resume and marketing materials, we have the experience and know-how to assist you in achieving your career goals. Our programs are personal, highly effective and tailored to your individual needs and goals. We work with you to bridge your background and knowledge to the needs of the job market through the alignment of your personal goals and values to your target organizations and positions.

We provide the following process:

  1. A personal meeting where we discuss your background and experience, strengths and skills and delve into your career goals.
  2. We design a tailored professional resume or personal brochure properly positioned and aligned with your target market
  3. We create/update your social networking presence
  4. Together we design a roadmap identifying:
    • A networking plan - a specific "how to" action plan
    • Elevator speeches to create consistency in your networking campaign
    • Develop interviewing skills and understanding behavioral interviewing techniques for successfully presenting your skills and accomplishments and LANDING THE JOB!
  5. We discuss the proper etiquette for follow-up phone calls, cover letter and thank you notes.
  6. We will assist you in negotiating your job offers;
  7. Provide support as you start your new career.

Are you a leader in business with challenging HR concerns and compliance issues?

PeopleBridge uses Libretto, the most comprehensive and efficient web-based methodology, to evaluate and address your HR concerns and simplify your HR administration. We evaluate the following areas:

  • Staffing and hiring
  • Benefits administration
  • Human resources administration
  • Employment practices
  • Education, training and development
  • Time off/leaves of absence
  • Occupational safety, health and security
  • Performance management
  • Compensation
  • Termination practices

Upon completion of the assessment you will have a gap analysis and a prioritized action plan ready for implementation. Additionally, you will receive forms that can be customized for your organization’s HR practices.

Did you know there is a measurable benefit in having a well-designed employee guidebook? Are you concerned that you are not keeping up with best practices and the increasingly complex areas of compliance?

We design a guidebook that includes practices that are required by State and Federal laws as well as sound business practices:

  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Family medical leave
  • Terminations
  • Time off policies, including vacation, personal/sick time, etc.
  • Unlawful harassment
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Benefits information
  • Employment classifications
  • Employee communication devices.
  • Other areas, as indicated by your business model

We customize the guidebook to your business.

About Us

The Company

What sets PeopleBridge apart is that we bring real-world experience in creating business solutions for you. Our expertise is defined and crafted through practical experience: from managing difficult and challenging operational environments, providing solutions to business problems and driving results by bridging people and performance. We specialize in providing solutions in human resources, organizational change, business performance and organizational design, leadership development and coaching.

We never forget that business solutions result from people driving business performance. At PeopleBridge we have learned that successful businesses create, expand and enhance their human resources and business performance management practices to enable them to remain competitive and focused.

Lisbeth (Lis) Mackenzie, Principal

Portrait of Lisbeth

Lisbeth brings more than twenty years executive management experience in business operations and human resources. Lis specializes in the design, development and implementation of strategic human resource solutions that support an organization's overall business objectives.

Lis has extensive experience in career transition and development work, including executive and managerial feedback and coaching, leadership development, organizational design and development as well as recruitment and selection. Lis is the founder of PeopleBridge where she has specialized in working with businesses looking for a trusted, responsive HR partner.


I strongly recommend PeopleBridge and Lis Mackenzie to anyone seeking a world-class expert in the field of human resources and career transition. Lis has a true passion for supporting clients and made a tremendous positive difference in my career and will do so for yours. Call PeopleBridge for your Human Resources needs.

Regional Service Director, International Holding Company

PeopleBridge has assisted us with acquiring top employees, building our HR infrastructure and been instrumental in making numerous employee decisions. I seldom make any HR-related decisions without consulting Lis.

President, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

My experience with PeopleBridge has been nothing less than excellent and has exceeded all expectations. Lis’ insight, experience and knowledge during my career transition were invaluable.

President/CEO, IBM Business Partner

PeopleBridge and Lis were the best HR consultants I have ever worked with. Not only do they help you fill your immediate hiring needs, but they look at your overall processes and make suggestions for tools that enhance them and make them more efficient.

VP/HR, International Distributor

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